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Easy chicken in red curry

Children usually love chicken. When it is cooked the way they are used to, i.e. Plain. How to get them to eat chicken prepared in unfamiliar ways is always a challenge. I do know that Zoe, Ella and Kato are not averse to coconut milk, and they like vegetables when they are recognizable.

So on Monday, I made them a dish with chicken and precut wok vegetables, with some very recognizable chunks of broccoli thrown into the mix, baked in red curry and simmered in coconut milk. I served the chicken curry with rice noodles and hoped for the best.

What I used:

  • Rice noodles.
  • Precut wok vegetables like broccoli, carrots, red and green peppers, bamboo shoots, corn, onion rings, sugar snaps…. Around 800 grams.
  • Chicken, around 1 kilo.
  • Red curry, a small jar.
  • 2 cans of coconut milk, 600 ml.

What I did:

I cut the chicken into smaller pieces, long strips actually, and submerged them in a pot of boiling water. While the chicken was cooking, I separated the more chunky vegetables (mainly peppers, broccoli and onion rings) from the bits that needed less cooking time, like bamboo shoots, and fried them in olive oil and two spoonfuls of the red curry paste.

After frying the bigger chunks of vegetables for a while, the chicken was ready to be added to the pan. Next to go in: the cocononut milk and the rest of the vegetables (bamboo shoots, corn, sugar snaps, carrot strips…). Simmer for a while… And it’s done.

The children liked it and ate quite a lot of it, I’m happy to report.

Cut the chicken into long strips of meat

Cut the chicken into long strips of meat

Separated vegetables

Separate vegetables according to cooking time needed

Broccoli and consorts frying in red curry

Broccoli and consorts frying in red curry

Carrots, corn and bamboo shoots

Carrots, corn and bamboo shoots go in with the cooked chicken

Red chicken curry in a glass serving bowl

Red chicken curry in a glass serving bowl, ready!

The finished article

The finished article with plain rice noodles

After dinner hip hop moves

After dinner hip hop moves

Belgian endives with root celery and chicken meatballs on skewers

Another recipe by the Belgian paleo guru Pascale Naessens.

Although she never uses the P word in her cookbooks, her recipes are inspired by the same pure, healthy whole food principles. Fully recommended! I believe at least some of her books are translated in english.

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