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Pork chops with creamy broccoli and carrots

Hungry children aged three, five and seven don’t leave much room for fancy dishes. I just see to it that they get a more than adequate amount of vegetables, a fatty cut of meat, and sometimes potatoes because they can handle the energy. Continue reading

Tamari mustard fish & tomatoes with cabbage and mushrooms

Today, a friend of ours was coming over for dinner. With a bottle of wine.

Obviously, in such a case, the important thing is to be with our guest and chat as long as possible. I needed a simple, quick dish, using the leftovers of this weeks groceries.

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What’s cooking? – week 2 shopping list and Monday night’s dinner

It’s Monday, which means sleeping in, cleaning house – now and then – and grocery shopping for me. Early in the afternoon, my mum will┬ápick me up and we’ll drive to my sister’s house. As I do every Monday afternoon, I’ll look after my sister’s kids and cook for them and spend an evening with them, until my sister arrives rather late from work.

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