Plaice with asparagus and salmon eggs

Very quick, surprisingly cheap and fingerlickin’ good, that’s how I want my everyday soft paleo dinners to be. Made from scratch with a few simple ingredients. And healthy to boot!

This dish fits the bill. It’s so easy and fast to whip up, no recipe needed! All you need for two are two small plaice, asparagus and butter. The salmon eggs are of course totally optional. It would work well with capers or nothing at all as well.

I bought the plaice whole, and cleaned and trimmed them myself. But you could easily buy them prepared to save time.

I adore white asparagus, a real delicacy and wonderful steamed or cooked, and served with melted butter and crumbled hard boiled eggs (hey, it’s the perfect ketogenic dish!). But they are not in season. Hence the green asparagus. The convenient part is that green ones do not need to be peeled and are still delicious.

Salmon eggs add some colour, saltiness and crunch to the dish, but also iodine, vitamin D and omega 3. I found them in our small Match supermarket, in a little container with no preservatives or additives bar salt. Nice!

I used :

  • Grass-fed butter.
  • 1 plaice per person.
  • As many asparagus (asparagi?) as you can stomach.
  • Salmon eggs.


Cook the asparagus in boiling water with salt. This takes around 15 minutes. You need the asparagus to be tender yet still crisp. Although some people enjoy them when they are very tender. Adjust for taste. When they are done, season them with a dollop of butter, salt and pepper.

Yes, by all means get your butter out for both the asparagus and the plaice. As the saying goes here: “fish needs to swim”. Brown the butter in a skillet over high heat and add the plaice. Flip them over after around 5 minutes of frying, fry the other side for about 2 minutes and they are done.

Arrange on a plate, garnish with salmon eggs and enjoy!

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