Full fat yoghurt with banana and buckwheat speculoos

Maybe I should tell you what I had for breakfast this morning? Yes, why don’t I. After all, this is a blog about what I eat all day.

They say (yes, they are omnipresent and they say a lot of things) breakfast is the hardest nut to crack when you go paleo or soft paleo. To me, it is the easy part.

But that is because we like eggs, and bacon. On paleo, you can have your egg and eat it! Every morning if you can stand it. Just don’t eat any toast.

“Doesn’t that get boring after a while?”, they say. “Isn’t variety important?” Well, I used to have a slice or two of bread with jam or cheese OR a bowl of cornflakes. Guess what? Both are grains.

So… I had the same old thing Every Single Morning. For years and years. Nope, not boring at all.

Back to paleo breakfast, as we see it:

2 eggs and bacon

Yup, most days. Why not? After all, Time magazine recently declared that saturated fats are not the enemy, but sugar is.

This morning, however, I had full fat yoghurt with a banana, some seeds, and a nice chunk of buckwheat* speculoos by Generous. And coffee with cream, of course.

Do you have to be Belgian to appreciate the goodness of this combo? Maybe not, but it sure does help!

Yoghurt plus banana and buckwheat speculoos

* Buckwheat is supposed to be a seed and not a grain, but still. This speculoos bit is definitely very soft paleo, because of the added sugar, which is the enemy! Once in a while, y’know.

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