What’s cooking? – week 2 shopping list and Monday night’s dinner

It’s Monday, which means sleeping in, cleaning house – now and then – and grocery shopping for me. Early in the afternoon, my mum will pick me up and we’ll drive to my sister’s house. As I do every Monday afternoon, I’ll look after my sister’s kids and cook for them and spend an evening with them, until my sister arrives rather late from work.

Mondays are for list making, too. Since turning “softpaleo” some 6 months ago – which some people find extreme by the way – I find that I look forward to cooking and meal planning more than before.

I’m quite pleasantly surprised by the results as well. Not that I suffered any health problems – not that I know of anyway – but this way of eating has made me shed 4 kilos mainly on the thighs and belly! Even more surprisingly, a few weeks in, I noticed that I hadn’t had any headaches, and really, I haven’t had a headache since. Hoorray!

Back to practical softpaleo listmaking on this here Monday. Today – well, I’ve been browsing yesterday evening – I’ve taken my inspiration from the lovely Belgian author Pascale Naessens and her Mijn Pure Keuken books.

4 days shopping list

The following ingredients will provide for today’s dinner for me, my sister, my better half and three kids aged 3, 5 and 7, but also for the next 3 days for me and my partner. Breakfast and lunch are not accounted for, this was already taken care of on Saturday.

For this second week and first Monday of 2015, my list is as follows:

  • Canned tuna in oil, three cans 250 g.
  • 4 big white onions
  • 16 tomatoes
  • a couple of heads of garlic
  • green beans half a kilo or more
  • coconut milk 1 can
  • green cabbage
  • white cabbage
  • endive 4 or 5 of them
  • green curry
  • white mushrooms
  • white fish or shellfish about half a kilo
  • chicken fillets
  • root celery

So, off I went and came back without the canned tuna, which they don’t have at our bioplanet – tuna cannot be bio peoples! – and no fish fillets either. I did buy some golden linseed which I’m almost out of, some soba noodles which I have always wanted to try, some green bergamot tea, dark chocolate, and agar-agar. Grand total: 43,30 euros. No worries though, I picked up the canned tuna in a small grocery store near my sister’s. Another 12 or so euros.

My simple recipe – a five year old can do it – for 6 people – 3 adults and 3 kids – today:

Oily tuna in garlicky tomato sauce with green beans

You need: White parboiled rice – green beans – garlicky tomato sauce * – tuna in olive oil. What you do:

  • Gently mix cooked beans with freshly made, thick garlicky tomato sauce and oily tuna.
  • Drizzle with good olive oil and garnish with parsley if you can.
  • I served it with rice, since I allow for some safe starches in my soft paleo diet, and because the kids like it enormously!

* Sadly, the kids don’t like onions, but I would advise you to simmer your fresh tomatoes in onions and garlic.image6.jpgimageimagetuna in garlicky tomato sauce with green beans

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